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BeforeThe Warriors aren't the only one's with a KD!

14 months ago I started a new job that requires quite a bit of travel. Roughly 7 months in I had gained nearly 20 pounds pushing my scale over 155! I tried a few things and saw some change, but life took over. In June I started joking with a FB friend who had my hair, but I wanted her body. This was the start of my journey.

AfterI met power trainer Karen Dennis and after 30 mins I knew things were about to change. Fast forward to today, just four months later and I'm working out daily, eating fewer meals, but more food and feeling GREAT. I've worked with trainers before, but Karen is different. She's a believer which helps me, she pushes me, but not aggressively and more important she is committed to training the whole person, not just your body. I do more in one hour with her than most do all day...WE MOVE CONSTANTLY! I think she just eats, sleeps and breaths training. Even with my travel schedule she keeps me on track with workout plans on the go (and I actually do them).

I don't know what I currently weigh because she won't let me get on a scale, but in four months I've gone from a size 12 pants to a size 8 and last week I was proudly wearing a size 6! My energy level is high and my knee problems have pretty much disappeared. This is definitely a journey, a life change and not easy by any means, but it helps when you have a trainer who motivates you to be the best, whatever that means to you! I'm doing this for me, living my best life and loving every minute of it (even at 5 am or 9 pm). If you are ready for a change, looking for a winning coach or just need a really good workout, then check out my KD, Kevin Durant has nothing on her! #KarenDennis Power Trainer - Teaneck, NJ!

Sabrina Wilson Carter

Nydia - BeforeKaren has been my biggest inspiration through out this entire journey, and because of you I have, for the first time accomplished, maintain and far exceeded my weight loss goals.

October 25, 2009 I experienced a rebirthing; I met Karen Dennis, and she showed me how to fall in love with myself again. So often we let life get in the way of Nydia - Aftertaking care of ourselves and Karen has shown me how to put myself back on the "to do" list. By following her lead I have lost over 100 lbs and have become inspired to help others like myself. Karen, has become my mentor. She inspires me daily with her music, her encouraging words, her daily motivational texts and phone calls. Karen is the reason why I get out of bed, regardless of how exhausted I may be, as I constantly remember that I am the most important person, and if I fail to take care of myself than I have failed so many around me.

Karen, I want to thank you for showing me how not to be afraid of food, to always put myself on the "to do" list and how to love myself!

Karen, you are my hero and I can never repay you for the many gifts you have given me! I love you dearly, as I no longer need to rely of diet pills, or fad diets to look amazing, all I need is you!!!

You are truly an amazing woman and we are lucky to have you as our Power Trainer!

Much love,

Nydia Rosario


My Gift from God!

I am writing to express how Karen Dennis has changed my life forever!!!

Our journey started October 30, 2009 when I reluctantly agreed to let her train me. Little did I know she would ultimately bring forth a person that I never knew. A person that I didn’t know existed, a person who I barely recognize, and for that I am forever grateful.

I have been over 200 lbs my entire life, not my adult life, but my ENTIRE life, that is until I met and trusted Karen. Karen listened to my fears and insecurities, and developed a program that has proven to be successful for me. Karen is the epitome of a phenomenal Trainer. She is passionate about touching and changing the lives of all who comes in contact with her and I am privileged to be one of them.

There isn’t an adjective powerful enough to describe how Karen makes me feel. Karen is my Angel! She has revitalized my marriage; she has given me more patience with my children. She has given my husband a new wife, my children a more energetic mom, and me, well, a sizzling hot overly confident woman who I love and adore!

I believed in her and she far exceeded all my expectations. Not only did I lose weight, but Karen intentionally crafted a new body. A body that I don’t recognize, but surely LOVE and embrace; and for that she is BRILLIANT! To have the ability to assess one’s body and come up with an individualized strategy to transform that body is remarkable and for that I commend her!

I have battled this weight issue since I was 12 years old. I have been on every diet known to man, but was never able to achieve and or sustain any weight loss goals. By the time I was 13, I topped the scale at 221 and was first introduced to diet pills by my Dr. And that was when I really felt ‘different’ than my peers. While I knew I was visually larger than my peers, but I was always able to participate and excel in all that I did, so I didn’t understand why weighing over 200lbs was such a focus to my peers, my family, my friends, and my Dr. and later become a lifelong battle!

In 2002, I weighed my heaviest of 289 and that was when I was introduced to Dr. Atkins (the no carb Dr.) I truly thought that I found the cure for my problem. His program allowed me to lose weight, but caused destruction to my psyche that was so hard to break. To date, I often struggle with the no carb, vs carb phenomenon. However, by trusting Karen and allowing the shifting of power to occur made the transition possible.

Fast Forward to 2010, my gift from God has fallen in my lap and her name is Karen Dennis. What she has done in 5 months, I have not been able to do in 25 years and I am forever indebted to her.

She is truly my Angel!!

Stats: Age 40, Married 6 years, 2 children (2 year old daughter, 8 year old son). Highest Weight 289, Weight when I met Karen, 225, Current Weight 184. Highest Pant size 26, Pant size when I met Karen: 18, Current Pant size: 8. Height 5/10. Goal: 170, Pant size 8/6

Exercise Routine: TRX bands, Boot camp classes, toning classes, spinning classes, kickboxing, running, and stationary machines. I burn a minimum of 3,150 calories per day.

Diet: I consume 2,650 calories per day of “clean eating”. That consists of chicken breast, turkey breast, turkey burgers, Tuna, homemade chili and soups, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, salad, veggies, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes. No junk food or fast food!

Thank You,
Tara G. Jones
Contract Analyst, Prudential Financial
Entrepreneur, Premier Designs

So I’m the girl who dreaded summer.  Why?  Because in the summer you can’t wear a jacket or a sweater when it’s 90 degrees.  I’ve always found a reason to justify wearing one, because I wanted to hide my arms, my rear end and my chest.   Don’t ask me either to wear a pair of shorts or a dress above the knee.  Summers were grueling for me.
I’ve been working with Karen now for the last 12 weeks, and I’m not at my goal weight, but I am more confident and no longer hide behind layers of clothing.  I recently surprised myself when I was shopping for a dress for the holiday, I was able to purchase a short, sleeveless and fitted dress and I owe it all to Karen’s out of the box training.  Karen is truly one of a kind!!
Karen, I know I’m horrible in the morning but I truly appreciate all you’ve done to have me showing off all of my body.  I love you and I love my freedom to be comfortable.  Thank God for you following your dreams.  I appreciate all you’ve done for me and all the other members in your studio.  I will continue to work with you to reach my goal weight and continue with maintenance.
Michelle Jeanty, Team Leader
Event Planner/Buyer
American Gold and Diamond Buyers

I have known Karen for over ten years. I met her through my mother who was always running to her house to workout in her basement. She was always saying “going to Karen’s” and I would say “who the heck is Karen??”  Who is this person that has my mother running to workout in her basement almost every day? I decided to go to Karen’s to find out what all the hype was about and I am glad I did.

I have always considered myself an athletic person but was never really concerned about what I ate and about exercising much outside of my normal walking routine.  After I had my child, my weight became an issue. I ballooned up to a size 16 and was devastated. I went from a young person who could basically eat whatever I wanted with minimum exercise and kept my weight down to a person in her 30’s that had gained a significant amount of weight after having a child and was having difficulty losing it. I needed help and that is where Karen came into the picture.

Karen has been a major force in my life. She has shown me how to live via healthy eating and exercising. It is almost like her spirit of healthy living has possessed my body. She has created a monster. I LOVE TO WORKOUT!! I get up almost every morning to make her 5 a.m class. It is exciting to see what new things she has created to transform my body to something that I can be proud of and that others admire. The best complement that I can get is when someone notices that I workout and asks where do I train? I proudly say Karen Dennis!!!

Because of Karen I believe that I am an influence to my friends and family. Since Karen has entered my life my husband has been more diligent in his exercising and has been eating healthier. My friends often call me for eating and exercising tips and because of her; I feel that I am equipped with the knowledge to effectively answer their questions.

What has Karen been to my life?  She has been Inspirational, motivational, a blessing, and a friend.
Thank you,
Sandra Hampton, Ph.D.

Terry Crandol
Karen Dennis Power Trainer Testimonial

A little over two months ago, a friend shared that she had started with a personal trainer.  I had never really been a believer in personal trainers because as a coach, I always believed I could achieve my fitness goals by myself.  However, my wife had been riding me about my weight as I tipped the scale at 310 lbs and was concerned about my health.  My doctor wanted me to lose at least 10 lbs before my next check-up and the appointment was in three months.  I did not have a plan, or the motivation to come up with one, so two days later I walked into Karen Dennis’ studio.

From the moment I first walked in the door, I felt welcomed, supported and encouraged.  I was hopeful, and that feeling was long overdue.  The music was awesome and I felt energized.  By week six I had lost 25 pounds!  I have not missed a day of training, except for a week when I was away on vacation, because I so now believe that meeting my goal of losing 70 lbs is within my grasp.  I also want to not have to take my blood pressure medication anymore and Karen believes this for me as well. 

Karen is walking in her calling.  She is an artist… a sculpture who sees her client’s potential and designs the strength training, fat burning exercises and meal plans specifically for that individual’s body and capabilities.  I trust her implicitly and remember her words to me early on in the training—“I ask one thing of you and one thing only, listen and follow every word I say and you will be down 40 lbs in 4 months guaranteed.”  Well, I am listening and following and it’s working.  She is gifted and really knows her stuff.  Karen is always presenting new moves and exercises to challenge my body.  Her training does not stop at the end of class as she is in constant contact via email or text with personal insights, tips and encouragement.

My 5:00 a.m. class is my new inspiration.  The ladies in that class truly inspire me to do better and to push harder.  They are such an awesome group.

Thank you Karen!  You have shown me that I can live a healthy lifestyle without starving myself. 

Karen Dennis is truly a great person.

Karen Dennis is a progressive thinker in the field of fitness. To reach the pinnacle, or the top of your game, in any field, you must have at least one great teacher.

Karen has been this teacher to me and countless others.

As far as Karen's fitness instructional methods they are always challenging, and motivating.

During the 1 hour I dedicate to Karen's class each day I work hard and have tons of fun; the fruits of my labor are apparent physically, emotionally and mentally.

Finally, I chose to train with Karen because she is smart, fun and caring.

Personally, I did not start my journey with much weight to lose. I started this journey more so because I had a lot weighing on my mind, heart and shoulders.

The weight I felt was the result of life changing events that took place over a short period of time.

At the age of 26 I moved to a new city, and started a new job; a few short months later I was picking out the final suit my father would wear.

At the age of 28 I received a promotion and a raise at work. Before my 29 birthday I quit my job, and with it the prospects of a masters degree; to return home to help my mom meet her daunting responsibilities.

I had to readjust big time!

As a result I experienced a lot of stress and with the stress came: anxiety, weight gain, discouragement, disappointment, etc. As this happens so often to so many of us who care for others- I put my needs last.
Long story short, Karen reminded me that unless I took care of myself I wouldn't be around to care for those whom I loved.

She's taught me that a proper diet and exercise regimen were not options, but necessities for a productive life.

Karen reminded me it was important to: be active, remain hydrated, well nourished, connected, laugh and rest.

Difficulties are inevitable, and sometimes we experience more than our fair share but we have a responsibility to enjoy life; checking out of life is not an option.

Today, physically I have more definition, emotionally I laugh more, and mentally I relax more.
This is my story! Thank you Mrs. Dennis! Thank you 5 am crew!

Sara Kopic

My name is Joyce Watson and I am 71 years old. I have two children and three grandchildren. I love my trainer Karen Dennis!!!!

I have known Karen for over 15 years. It all started in her basement where I used to workout several times a week. Now I get up for a 5 a.m. class five days a week where I am the oldest member of the group and can keep up with the youngest member in the group. Aside from the exercise group, I also enjoy spinning and working on my upper body by working on weight machines. Because of my exercise regimen, I have the energy of a 30 year old.

Karen has been such an inspiration to my life. She has taught me through exercise and diet that I do not have to be stationary and stagnant because of my age but have life and live life abundantly. My children affectionately refer to me as the "teenager" because I am energetic and active and this I attribute to my lifestyle change that Karen has taught me.

Blessings come in many shapes and forms and I can honestly say that Karen has truly blessed my life and I couldn't ask for a better Gift.

Thank you,
Joyce Watson
Retired RN